The Blueberry Room

This room includes children ages 6 weeks to 19 months. Each infant is lovingly cared for by their primary caregiver according to their individual schedule.

What is a Primary Caregiver?

A primary caregiver is the teacher assigned to respond to your child’s individual needs throughout the day. This individual is responsible for your child’s diapering and feeding. They will also fill out your “Infant Info” sheets which are sent home each night to tell you about your child’s day. A roster listing your primary caregiver will be displayed in the classroom.

The center provides a safe environment where infants can explore and grow under nurturing guidance from their classroom teachers. Activities include gross motor, social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth and development. We also explore art, sensory, music and other special activities that are developmentally appropriate. Breakfast, lunch and two snacks will be provided to those infants for whom it is appropriate. Appropriateness will be determined by parents and teachers together.

For the health and safety of your baby we may not introduce new foods to your child at the Center. When your baby is ready for cereal or table foods you must first introduce them at home and sign off that you have done so. Your infant’s teachers will work with you to determine when it is a good time to introduce new foods as well as when it is appropriate to transition to a sippy cup.

The center is supportive of families who wish to provide breast milk and/or visit the center for nursing.

Breast Milk/Prepared Formula
Expressed breast milk and prepared formula shall be:

  • Stored in covered containers, labeled with the child’s name and dated
  • Used immediately or stored in the refrigerator no longer than 48 hours
  • Discarded if not fed to an infant and left un-refrigerated for an hour or more
  • Discarded after each feeding, if there is any leftover in the bottle.

Frozen expressed breast milk shall be dated and stored in a freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit and discarded after 3 months.

Interested in a tour? Call 603.692.1845 to make an appointment with our director, Kathleen Collins.