The Papaya Room

This classroom serves children from 2.5/3 to five years of age, or until they are Kindergarten eligible.

Preschoolers are encouraged to explore developmentally appropriate activities under the nurturing guidance of the classroom teachers. Activities encompass fine and gross motor, social, emotional and cognitive domains.

Children are given opportunity to explore different art mediums, differing styles of music and multiple sensory materials.

There is a balance of child initiated and teacher directed activity.

Twice each day, weather permitting, preschoolers are able to play outdoors.

Breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon snack are provided.

What to Bring (All Classrooms):

  • At least one complete extra change of clothing.
  • Appropriate outerwear for outdoor play (snow gear for winter (hats, gloves, snow pants and boots) and water wear for the summer.
  • Please supply your child with sneakers for outdoor play if they choose to wear sandals in the summer.
  • A sheet and blanket for nap time.

We recommend a small fitted sheet to cover the mat and a small blanket to cover your child.

Toys from home can be very difficult to share and can lead to conflicts between children. We request that children only bring a comfort toy they may use for nap. The center provides a number of age appropriate and stimulating toys and activities for your child.

Interested in a tour? Call 603.692.1845 to make an appointment with our director, Kathleen Collins.